The Aura Interactor

Become part of the action on your TV or sound system with the Aura Interactor. Compatible with Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo

Adjusts to fit all sizes!

With the included power amplifier, you control intensity of your desired sensory level.

Adjust the control dials, and you'll feel all the action from your favorite video games, TV show, movies, CD's, stereo and more

WORKS WITH VIDEO GAMES - TV - VCR - CDs STEREO - HOME COMPUTER 7600 AVAILABLE AT ONLY THE COST of $20.00 each. Place order at bottom of page in the Secured Atari Orderform link and fill out the comment's box as to what you need.

For more information on the Aura Interactor click here

Aura Interactor Vest box.

The back of the shaking Interactor vest.

Strap side of vest.

Aura Interactor with all of its accessories.

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